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Sterile Transparent Dressings(U shape type)
Materials: PU film , Paper frame, medical hypoallergenic adhesive ,release paper ,plastic package.

Scope of application:
Applied for wound protections(i.e.fixing venous catheter and I.V.,applied after surgical operation),and also care for umbilical wounds.

Product Advantages:
1¡¢PE films¡¯ good features about waterproof ,bacteriostatic, breathable and moisture permeable,  effectively  protect  the wound from the pollutant.
2¡¢Transparent to observe the wound momentarily.And the dressing can stay in the wound for 7 days.
3¡¢Hypoallergenic adhesive has mild stickiness ,effectively in reducing any skin irritations.
4¡¢Ultrathin PU film can fit freely with skin.
5¡¢Paper frame design prevent tension on the skin when patching ,reducing the damage to skin.
6¡¢Writing notes and fixing airpore tapes can convenient for recording patient¡¯s name, time and bed number, simultaneously strengthening fixed to help quality control.
7¡¢Special U incision design help Buttfly Needle or Take medicine pot of indwelling needle to be fixed.

Normal Specification
Regular Size Packaging
4cm¡Á5cm 100Pcs¡Á32Boxes
6cm¡Á7cm 100Pcs¡Á24Boxes
can be customized according to the requirements
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