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Sterile Transparent Dressings(Island type)
Materials: PU film , Paper frame, medical hypoallergenic adhesive ,release paper ,plastic package.

Scope of application£º
Applied for wound protections(i.e.fixing venous catheter and I.V.,applied after surgical operation),and also care for umbilical wounds.

Product Advantages£º
1¡¢PE films¡¯ good features about waterproof ,bacteriostatic, breathable and moisture permeable,  effectively  protect  the wound from the pollutant.
2¡¢Transparent to observe the wound momentarily.And the dressing can stay in the wound for 7 days.
3¡¢Hypoallergenic adhesive has mild stickiness ,effectively in reducing any skin irritations.
4¡¢Ultrathin PU film can fit freely with skin.
5¡¢Paper frame design prevent tension on the skin when patching ,reducing the damage to skin.
6¡¢Writing notes and fixing airpore tapes can convenient for recording patient¡¯s name, time and bed number, simultaneously strengthening fixed to help quality control.
7¡¢Non-woven layer can absorb the little drainage through needle.

Normal Specification
Regular Size Packaging
4cm¡Á5cm 100Pcs¡Á32Boxes
6cm¡Á7cm 100Pcs¡Á24Boxes
10cm¡Á12cm 100Pcs¡Á16Boxes
can be customized according to the requirements
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