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foam dressings
Materials: medical grade polyurethane turn into foam after the special foaming process

Suitable for protection of moderately to largely acute / chronic seepaging wounds.
1. The treatment of chronic exudating wounds: lower limb venous ulcer, every stage pressure sore; diabetic ulcers;
2. The treatment of acute wounds£º¢òDegree of burns, donor site, Scrapes, postoperative wounds and so on.

product benefits
1¡¢Medical grade polyurethane turn into novel polymeric materials after the 3D foaming process.
2¡¢Speedily absorb and lock the exudates ,keeping wounds in the moist healing environment ,preventing the surrounding normal skin from steeping.
3¡¢Expansion inward after absorbing the exudates, more fit wounds; foam pad which keeping wounds local wet soft dispersive pressure evenly.
4¡¢Non-stick wound dressings to alleviate the secondary damage when replacement.
5¡¢Excellent the ability of absorbing the exudates even under the pressure bandage.
6¡¢Coated with biological membrane , obstructing the bacteria and graininess completely, meanwhile permitting wounds and the environment to process gas exchange.

normal size
Regular Size Packaging
5cm¡Á5cm 10Pcs¡Á40Boxes
10cm¡Á10cm 10Pcs¡Á20Boxes
15cm¡Á15cm 10Pcs¡Á10Boxes
Various other sizes can be customized
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