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silica gels foam dressings
Suitable for protection of moderately to largely acute / chronic seepaging wounds.
1. The treatment of chronic exudating wounds: lower limb venous ulcer, every stage pressure sore; diabetic ulcers;
2. The treatment of acute wounds£º¢òDegree of burns, donor site, Scrapes, postoperative wounds and so on.

product features
1¡¢Medical grade polyurethane turn into novel polymeric materials after the 3D foaming process.
2¡¢Speedily absorb and lock the exudates ,keeping wounds in the moist healing environment ,preventing the surrounding normal skin from steeping.
3¡¢Expansion inward after absorbing the exudates, more fit wounds; foam pad which keeping wounds local wet soft dispersive pressure evenly.
4¡¢Non-stick wound dressings to alleviate the secondary damage when replacement.
5¡¢The surface of the wound in contact with silicon gel materials of drilling hole ,effectively reduce scar formation.
6¡¢Coated with biological membrane , obstructing the bacteria and graininess completely, meanwhile permitting wounds and the environment to process gas exchange.


silica gels foam dressings
³ß´ç °ü×°¹æ¸ñ
5cm¡Á5cm 10Ƭ¡Á40ºÐ
10cm¡Á10cm 10Ƭ¡Á50ºÐ
15cm¡Á15cm 10Ƭ¡Á10ºÐ
Various other sizes can be customized

silica gels foam dressings
Regular Size Packaging
10cm¡Á10cm 10Pcs¡Á20Boxes
15cm¡Á18cm 10Pcs¡Á10Boxes
Various other sizes can be customized
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