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Cooling paste
Material£ºmedical tape, gel layer( a mixture of alcohol ,menthol, hydroxybenzoic acid, water and macromolecular substance )and release paper

applied to realize extracorporeal emergency physical cooling fever, relieve the symptoms of headache and toothache caused by fever, refreshing and single use.

Product benefits:
1¡¢stickiness: imported materials, strong stickiness.
2¡¢effect :work quickly and work longly for eight hours.
3¡¢comfortable :no stimulation ,no allergies, safe using and easy to operate.
4¡¢safe: pure essential oil, physical cooling ,safer and more secure.
normal size
Regular Size Packaging
4cm¡Á11cm 5Pcs¡Á40Boxes
5cm¡Á12cm 5Pcs¡Á40Boxes
various sizes and packings can be customized.
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