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sterile silver dressings
Non-woven self-adhesive type and non-adhesive type

1.Suitable for protection of all moderately infective seepaging and tendentious infected wounds.
2. The treatment of chronic exudating wounds: lower limb venous ulcer, every stage pressure sore; diabetic ulcers; 
3.Infection prevention for large area wound.

Product features£º
1.Efficient and durable mold resistance, which is effective in all pathogenic microorganism.
2.control and prevent the wound infection ,protect the incised edges and prevent invasion of bacteria around.
3.Promote the wound healing, reduce scar formation.
4.No sticking the wound, painless dressing exchange ,no causing secondary damage.


Regular Size Packaging
5cm¡Á7.5cm 50Pcs¡Á32Boxes
9cm¡Á10cm 50Pcs¡Á16Boxes
9cm¡Á15cm 50Pcs¡Á16Boxes
Various other sizes can be customized

Regular Size Packaging
5cm¡Á5cm 50Pcs¡Á36Boxes
5cm¡Á10cm 50Pcs¡Á24Boxes
10cm¡Á10cm 50Pcs¡Á16Boxes
Various other sizes can be customized
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