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rubber elastic bandage
Material:70% complexional Dacron,30% elastic silk.

Orthopedics, surgery and protective action of physical training

Product benefits
1、Play a protective role in physical training.
2、Replace inelastic gauze bandage ,good for  blood  circulation.
3、A good way of adjunctive therapy for Joint Pain Or Swelling.
4、High resilience, comfortable Skin feeling, and hypoal lergenic.
5、The product after disinfection , can directly used for surgery and  served as the bandage wound dressings. Times of washing and sterilization do not affect the elasticity.

normal size
尺寸 包装规格
5cm×4.5m 720卷/箱
7.5cm×4.5m 480卷/箱
10cm×4.5m 360卷/箱
15cm×4.5m 240卷/箱
Various sizes can be customized.
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