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cotton elastic bandage
Material:100% cotton

Orthopedics, surgery and protective action of physical training

Product benifit£º
1¡¢Play a protective role in physical training.
2¡¢Replace inelastic gauze bandage ,good for blood circulation.
3¡¢A good way of adjunctive therapy for Joint Pain Or Swelling.
4¡¢High resilience, comfortable Skin feeling, and hypoal lergenic.
5¡¢The product after disinfection , can directly used for surgery and served as the bandage wound dressings. Times of washing and sterilization do not affect the elasticity.

normal size
Regular Size Packaging
5cm¡Á4.5m 720Rolls/Carton
7.5cm¡Á4.5m 480Rolls/Carton
10cm¡Á4.5m 360Rolls/Carton
15cm¡Á4.5m 240Rolls/Carton
Various sizes can be customized.
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