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non-woven self-adhesive elastic bandage
material:medical elastic non-woven, medical pressure sensitive adhesive 

Colors: skin color ,white ,red, blue, pink, yellow ,light green(Quantity can be customized according to requirements)

1¡¢Fix and support the weak muscles, tendons and so on ,treat for strains and sprains during sports.
2¡¢Thumb, wrist, hand and ankle compression fixation. The aid of fracture treatment.
3¡¢Fix blade, medical dressings and knee sling.
4¡¢Skid support bandage ,prevent sports injury
5¡¢Prevent and cure venous disorder.

Product advantage£º
1¡¢Self-adhesive: The characteristics of natural latex produce permanent adhesive effect. Self-adhesive and not stick to skin and hair, painlessly tear off.
2¡¢Breathable: The design of lightweight material is soft and toughness good. Skin can contact with air enough, sweat and moisture to evaporate easily, highly comfortable.
3¡¢High elastic: can up to more than 120% its own length ,strengthen dressing performance.
4¡¢Convenience: easy to tear by hand, do not need scissors or other auxiliary tools.
5¡¢Waterproofness: the water is not easy to fall off, firmly protect the wound.

normal size
Regular Size Packaging
5cm¡Á4.5m 720Rolls/Carton
7.5cm¡Á4.5m 480Rolls/Carton
10cm¡Á4.5m 360Rolls/Carton
15cm¡Á4.5m 240Rolls/Carton
Various sizes can be customized.
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