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Orthopedic Splint
Materials: made with a mix of fibre ,non-woven and polyurethane   resin or glass fibre

Application: Orthopedics, external fracture fixation

product features: 
1、High hardness:20 times higher strength compared to traditional plaster.
2、Light weight:light material,amount to gypsum fifth weight and third thickness, reduce the load on the affected area.
3、Fast hardening: after opening,3-5minutes to work,20 minutes load bearing while  traditional plaster to work after 24 hours.
4、Highly  breathable: special  mesh preparation technology has good breathability, can prevent skin from super hot, itching and other problems.
5、X-ray transmission sex: radiation transmission sex extremely good, X-ray rendering is clear, and traditional plaster need to take out stitches before radiographic testing.
6、 Waterproofness:  hardening and molding closely, water absorption 85% lower degree compared to traditional plaster. Can shower wearing the bandage.
7、Easy to operate: easy of operation, short time, and plasticity is good.
8、Comfortable and safe: For doctors ,simple to operate;and for patients, can prevent uncomfortable symptoms ,such as skin tight, itch and so on.
9、No pollution: can be fully burning after using, no creating any pollution.
10、Easy to disassemble: the use of electric plaster saw is safe and convenient.

normal size
Regular Size Packaging
7.5cm×30cm 20Bags×6Boxes
7.5cm×90cm 10Bags×6Boxes
10cm×40cm 20Bags×6Boxes
10cm×75cm 10Bags×6Boxes
12.5cm×75cm 10Bags×4Boxes
12.5cm×115cm 10Bags×4Boxes
15cm×75cm 10Bags×4Boxes
15cm×115cm 7Bags×4Boxes
Various other sizes can be customized.


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